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A Spicier Life CAL - Part 3

Welcome back my Spicier Life Lovelies!

I really hope you are enjoying the pattern so far.  I have to say it's been a real treat to see how your blankets are coming on.  Those glorious colour packs are starting to show themselves in beautiful crochet and your home grown palettes are such a treat to see.  I find new ones all the time!

 This week I have some more intermediate stitches for you to get your hooks around and of course, some more new colour and pattern combinations to try out.  There are a few more rows again this this, but I've also included a more familiar section as well as the new ones, so I'm sure you'll take it in your stride.

As with part two, there are some additional videos this time to provide a little extra help, as well as all the usual photos.  You'll find the video links in the downloadable file below as well on the Spicier Life CAL page.

Are you ready?  Then, let's get going!

Download Pattern Part Three

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